35  day Clean Eating Challenge! 

Day 1 of clean eating challenge -Ditch wheat, sugar and dairy except goat cheese!  Just start, there will be easy days and more challenging days…. If you fall off the horse, just get back on again, without criticism and judgement! Get ready to feel more energized!  Here are some ideas for you.  Porridge for breakfast, […]

NLP in Javea

Neuro Linguistic Programming is about people and their minds and understanding how to use the power of your mind to change negative belief systems into a positive and dynamic Lifestyle.


What is the Rosen Method

What is the Rosen Method The Rosen Method is a unique form of bodywork pioneered by Marion Rosen, a German who lived and worked in the USA until she was 97. As a physiotherapist she discovered that there is strong connection between human emotions and physical muscle tension. As human beings, we unconsciously create this tension as a protection against outside influences. Our feelings have to go somewhere, and when they […]


The Rosen Method

The Rosen method People are always asking me exactly  what is the Rosen method bodywork ? As every body is different and every session is different it is difficult to describe what ” happens” during a session. We all hold tension in the body, that we are  often unaware of, or we have discomfort or […]


Hatha Yoga classes in Javea

My Hatha yoga classes in Javea are held in the beautiful La Siesta Beach Bar over looking the Mediterranean. I offer morning classes in La Siesta and private classes in your own home. I also hold a very slow class for older clients or those with injuries with an emphasis on relaxation. Come and try a […]