Enjoy a relaxing healthy break doing yoga and eating cleanly, have a Rosen session and detox physically and emotionally.

Allow yourself to be nurtured and pampered in the sunshine, eat delicious healthy food, enjoy yoga and meditation, get fit, you will come away feeling fabulous!

With the modern stresses of everyday life we get caught up in the rat race, disconnecting from ourselves as we run round doing too much, eating the wrong foods, drinking the wrong drinks and running on physical, emotional and spiritual “empty”. We have to stop and rejuvenate the body and mind before we get sick. Come and learn to live in the moment again, as we did when we were children.

Breathe in the sea air, eat “clean” live foods, move your body and connect with your spirit. Feel the sun on your face as you let the layers of stress melt away. Allow our team to nurture and help you feel good about yourself, taking home with you sustainable methods of wellbeing and knowledge that motivate you to continue back in your daily life.

We run yoga holidays in several International destinations.

We can also travel, privately, to your home to create a bespoke holiday.

Come along and feel fantastic!

Bespoke Retreats

Imagine having your own retreat at home? Francesca can come to your home and cook, do yoga, help you get fit and lose weight. She will help you implement tools into your daily routine to encourage and sustain permanent weight loss and healthy lifestyle habits. Book her today!