The Rosen Method

What is the The Rosen Method?

The Rosen Method is a form of bodywork focusing on tense muscles in the body. Through touch and words the body releases muscle tension. The Rosen Method works with the unconscious body. the part of ourselves which we suppress, forget about, or put away in the form of tension, sometimes physical pain or illness.  During a  session there is no agenda, as relaxation occurs and the breath deepens, suppressed  feelings, attitudes and memories may emerge. Through softening the muscle tension there maybe a release of emotions, or a realization of our patterns. Through the awareness, a new sense of ease and freedom can be discovered, which allows for space in the body, for peace, calm, comfort and self-awareness.

Being so moved by my own experience of the Rosen Method, I stayed in the USA  and  studied in Berkeley, California, with Marion Rosen for two years, and with Sue Brenner, Director of Rosen Centre East Coast for a further two years, completing my internship as a Rosen Practitioner in 1995.

Sessions take place on a massage table, semi-clothed, under a blanket.

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