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Join us at our Derbyshire Retreat on Friday 5th - Sunday 7th April 2019


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The Yoga Classes are held on the wooden deck in the beautiful Monsoon Thai Restaurant in front of the sea. Also In Botanico Beauty, and and I offer private classes in your own home.



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Rosen method

Through touch and words discover your body on a new level, letting go of old tensions, to gain a new feeling of freedom, aliveness and peace. Find out about session now!

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I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend three sessions with Francesca.The effects were amazing and entirely unexpected. I had never heard of the Rosen Method before and was quite apprehensive,during the sessions I became aware of memories,tensions and feelings that had been hidden and ignored-some for thirty years! With Francesca’s support and care,I felt safe enough to acknowledge the feelings,release them ,and forgive myself.It’s difficult to explain and I have no idea how it works –but it does. With Francesca’s NLP skills she also helped me change my attitude towards exercise(have never,ever wanted to do any),and she stopped me eating chocolate,which I was addicted to. Again it’s very diificult to explain what happens. I feel lighter inside and more alive than I have done in years.I am sleeping better and even my face is more relaxed. I just wish I had known about these methods thirty years ago. Thank you for everything Francesca.

Chris - Cardiff

Through my NLP sessions with Fran, she helped me to establish firm and successful path towards my goals. Key to me achieving my goals was using the Rosen method, where she helped me release years of negative emotion stored in my muscles that were contributing to my back pain and negative perspectives on life. Working with Fran, I learned how to walk through life holding onto my dreams and visions, the importance of forgiving and the power of believing. Fran helped me change my life and bring back a new more self-assured sense of self confident “me.”

Tea - Zurich

If you have something on your mind, then contact Fran immediately. She has helped me enormously with family problems as well as cured my chocolate addiction! She helps you put a different perspective on things. Life restores its balance after a visit to Fran. My two sisters are also great fans. She is really an Angel in disguise!

Suzi - London

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Yoga Holidays With Francesca Stutely

Retreat in Spain

Come and enjoy a relaxing week to rejuvenate, energise and focus on yourself by the Mediterranean sea. Staying in the beautiful resort of Javea on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Allow yourself to be nurtured and pampered in the sunshine, eat a delicious diet of raw vegan food, enjoy yoga and emotionally free yourself of any nagging blocks which hold you back, to detox inside and out, you will come away feeling fabulous!

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